• To be the premier global tech company offering a gamut of services in the people sector.


To provide the best experience in meeting the expectations of our people with standards of quality, ethics and performance. We seek to be the one-stop window fulfilling the diverse needs of our clients. We want to convert our associates into a TAG community of happy people. We want to be instrumental in value creation and make a difference in the world for the better.


  • Empower women. (There are more women at our workspaces than men.)
  • Be inclusive.
  • Be environmentally sustainable.
  • Be socially responsible.
  • Embrace the change.
  • Be the change.
  • Optimize and Execute.
  • Innovate and Grow.
  • Deliver the best.
  • Be extraordinary.
  • Create value for the long term.
  • Take everyone along.
  • Spread optimism.

Our Guiding Principles

  • 1. Customer Obsession rather than competitor focus
  • 2. Passion for innovation
  • 3. Commitment to operational excellence
  • 4. Long-term thinking


TAG’s mission is to provide value added “quality” systems assessments, so that our certified persons are recognized as the industry standard for excellence. We will distinguish ourselves through dedication towards improving our certified person’s quality and general management systems. We will foster developmental relationships with the certified persons we serve to achieve their satisfaction. Our logo shall be perceived as a symbol of Quality and Integrity.

  • We will develop partnerships for improvements and promote long-term relationships.
  • We will conduct our business activities and ourselves honestly and ethically.
  • We will promote continual improvement for our certified persons and ourselves.
  • We will foster good internal relationships with all employees.
  • We will recognize the need for balance in personal and professional demands; and we will ensure that opportunities and resources are available to allow us to succeed as a team of dedicated professionals and to enjoy the journey to success.
  • TAG will apply the principles laid out in our policy statement and administer the systems in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.


TAG is the legal entity responsible for certification activities. Directors, Committee Members and whole Staff of TAG fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking its Certification Activities in all its dealings with clients or potential clients. TAG will ensure that all employees or other personnel remain impartial at all stages of certification process.

To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated the following principals have been established:

  • TAG Committee on Ethics is made responsible to act impartially in relation to its applicants, candidates and certified persons.
  • TAG Committee on Ethics ensures that process of certification of persons should be fair among all applicants, candidates and certified persons.
  • TAG’s Committee on Ethics ensures that certification is not restricted on the grounds of undue financial or other limiting conditions, such as membership of an association or group.
  • TAG Certificates are only issued after review by an independent authorized and competent member of the management team to ensure that no interest shall predominate.
  • TAG does not offer (and has never offered) any internal audit service to companies or individuals.
  • TAG’s Committee on Ethics identifies threats to impartiality on an on-going basis. Threats based on ownership, governance, management, personnel, shared resources, finances, contracts, marketing etc. are under the supervision of Committee on Ethics.
  • TAG does not offer (and has never offered) management system consultancy to companies or individuals.
  • Any current relationships with companies, organizations and individuals will be risk assessed on a regular basis to ensure that the relationship does not impact upon the impartiality of the certification process. The risk assessment will be undertaken by the Committee for Impartiality.
  • Individuals employed by TAG are required to record their current and past relationships with all companies. Any situation past or present which may present a potential conflict of interest is required by TAG to be declared. TAG will use the information to identify any threats to impartiality and will not use that individual in any capacity unless they can demonstrate that there is no conflict of interest. The risk assessment will be undertaken by the Committee for Impartiality.
  • All employees will be reviewed at least annually to ensure that they remain impartial when involved in certification activities.
  • Assessors and others involved in the certification process are not and will not be put under any pressure and will not be influenced in any way to come to a particular conclusion regarding the result of an assessments.
  • TAG retains authority of certification decisions.
  • If an assessor has delivered any skill training or any other training to an organization or applicant, he or she cannot be involved in certification process of that organization/applicant for next six months from the date of training.
  • To avoid familiarity threat, assessors are reshuffled at regular time frames.
  • TAG does not pay any commissions or does not give any targets to anybody, for example any clients, marketing agencies, consultants etc.
  • TAG & its employees do not accept any gifts or financial offers from its clients/training organisations to avoid any conflict of interest.