Dr Srikrishna Sharma was born on 18th October, 1962 into a rural family of a school teacher and farmer. He excelled in studies from an early age and displayed indomitable hard work, commitment and desire to reach for the stars since a very young age. He wanted to provide his family with a good standard of living and make the life of his parents comfortable in their old age. He did succeed in doing just that. He completed M.Sc (Physics), MBA and PhD in his academic journey. He was an IIM Calcutta alumnus having more than 30 years experience in Apparel, Textile industry, Infrastructure Development, Skill Development & IT industry. He was Director in Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) for 15 years, served as CEO in NextGen Textile Park Ltd, CEO in Ratnawali Infrastructures Pvt Ltd and Registrar (a position equivalent to COO/ Director in the Govt) with Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research (SAMEER), Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Govt of India. He was a serial entrepreneur who set up multiple ventures during his lifetime and managed them zealously. He is known for his multiple philanthropic pursuits as he completed projects in thematic areas of animal welfare, human rights, women empowerment, rural development, livelihood enhancement, watershed development, health & nutirition. An era ended with the passing away of this great legend who brightened the lives of so many people he touched. Om Shanti